Economy of Laktaši municipality – Basic tendencies


Economic activities in the municipality of Laktaši has been characterized by the growth of total economic activity (measured by total income), significant growth of foreign trade and exports, economic growth and stable employment. The total income of the municipality was 1.226.860.097,00 BAM in 2017, which is a high level of economic activity. In the total income of the Republic of Srpska, the Laktaši municipality participates with 6.07%.
Based on total income, profit and the number of companies, Laktaši municipality takes the third place in Republic of Srpska. The administrative (official) unemployment rate is among the smallest in the Republic of Srpska with 18.72% and is significantly below the republic average (31.54%) for 2017.

The advantage of the Laktaši municipality, in addition to the geostrategic position and the created image of the entrepreneurial center, which through the committing of significant funds from the capital investment budget (more than 150 million BAM since 2004) has been constantly improving the conditions for population’s life and economic development. In addition to investments in classical infrastructure, there are significant investments in entrepreneurial infrastructure (Aleksandrovac industrial zone) as well as the benefits that investors get (administration efficiency when issuing permits and other documents – ISO 9001: 2015 standard, BFC certification for a favorable business environment, lower administrative taxes, financial advantages in terms of decreasing municipal fees for the construction of production and agricultural facilities and payment facilities in installments etc.)

The creation of favorable conditions for investment has influenced on the significant cash flow. Over the past few years, more than 250,000,000 EUR of direct foreign and domestic investments have been invested in the municipality, and the registered capital in Laktaši has 28 countries (which is more than 30% of the registered investors in B&H). It is important to point out that in 2017 local and foreign investors in the municipality realized significant economic investments.

Attractiveness of the municipality as a business destination is also confirmed by the presence of major world and regional companies (Coca- Cola, PepsiCo Investments, British American Tobacco, OAO NefteGazinkor, Perutnina Ptuj, Mahle Group, Collector CCL, Cablex Group, Agrokor, Danube Foods Group, Sano, etc.).


Business entities


The total number of companies based in the municipality is 527, while there are 772 registered entrepreneurs. In the total number of RS companies (9,996), the Laktaši municipality participates with 5,27% and by the number of companies Laktaši is the third municipality in Republic of Srpska.


The structure of the companies by size shows the dominance of small companies (small and micro enterprises), both at Republic of Srpska and at the level of the municipality.

In the Laktaši municipality in 2017, the structure of the companies according to their size was as follows:

– small enterprises – 503 (109 small enterprises, 394 micro enterprises),

– medium enterprises – 19 and

– large Enterprises – 5 (Integral Engineering, Marbo, CCL Collector, Civil Engineering and Cablex).

The analysis by sectors and business sectors (previous graph) shows that the largest number of companies operate in the sectors of trade (180), manufacturing (131), transport and storage (60), forestry (30) and construction (30) . The first branches of the industry are metal, food industry and wood and furniture.


Labor market


In the territory of Laktaši municipality in 2017, there were 9,520 employees on average, which made Laktaši municipality the third municipality in the Chamber of Commerce of Banja Luka and 6.97% of the total employment of the Chamber of Banja Luka. At the level of Republic of Srpska, although by the number of inhabitants is ninth municipality, Laktaši is on the fifth place with employment, with a share of 3.65% of the total number of employees.

On the records of the Employment Office, Bureau Laktaši, on 31.12.2017. In 2010, 2,020 people were actively seeking employment, which is 245 less than in the same period of 2016 (2,265). The average number of unemployed persons in 2017 (2,192) decreased by 212 persons, or 8.82%.


Foreign trade business


The Laktaši Municipality, in addition to insufficient export orientation (the share of exports in the total income of the economy is more than one sixth), is significantly involved in foreign trade in Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The total volume of trade of Republic of Srpska with foreign countries in 2017 was 8.682.485.000 BAM and in comparison with the previous year it increased by 1.019.534.000 BAM or by 13.30%.

According to the volume of foreign trade exchange, the municipality of Laktaši is the second municipality (second by import and third by export) of 21 municipalities in the Banja Luka region, with a turnover of 686.709.000 BAM (in 2016 580.881.000 BAM). At the RS level, the Laktaši municipality takes the third place in the terms of exchange rates.

In 2017, business companies from the Laktaši municipality area exported goods and services in the total amount of 220.560.000,00 BAM. The share of the Laktaši municipality in the total export of Republic of Srpska is 6.02%.

The realized import was 466.149.000,00 BAM and represents 9.29% of import at the level of Republic of Srpska which realized the import value of,00 BAM.